GRP – 61: Peyton’s Record, Watt vs Dalton, and Ronda gets KOed

135_Ronda_Rousey_vs_Holly_Holm.0.0.0Jay and Luke discuss Peyton’s record setting day, the feud between JJ Watt and Andy Dalton. Then they give you their take on the Rousey/Holm fight, Kevin McHales firing and breakdown Week 10/11 in the NFL

GRP 60 – US Soccer Bans Headers, Steph Curry is a glitch in the Matrix and NFL Week 9 review/Week 10 preview


After a long hiatus, Jay and Luke complain about players hanging out in front of team offices, and US Soccer banning headers in youth leagues. Then they recap the past week in the NBA, highlighting Steph Curry’s brilliance and the rise of the Detroit Pistons. Finally, they recap the big games in Week 9 and give you their week 10 picks agains the spread.