GRP 72

On this episode, Jay and Luke discuss Lebron’s social media behaviour, Tommy Lasorda’s epic post game rant and give you their own special take on the final four.



GRP – 71: Maria Sharapova, Antonio Cromartie, NFL Retirements and Sports “would you rathers?”


On this episode of the GRP, Jay and Luke discuss Maria Sharapova’s PED use resulting in her being dropped from Nike. Then they laugh about Antonio Cromartie impregnating his wife for his 12th child despite a vasectomy. Next they discuss all of the recent retirements in the NFL from Calvin Johnson to Peyton Manning and they close up the show by bringing you some hilarious sports themed “would you rathers?”

GRP 70 – Chuck the Condor, Ben Affleck’s Tattoo, The Oscars and Steph Curry


With not a lot going on in sports this week, the boys give you their take on the racially charged Oscars. They also rip into the LA Clippers new mascot: Chuck the Condor and poke fun at Ben Affleck’s Phoenix tattoo. Jay and Luke end the show by analyzing Steph Curry’s impact on the world of basketball and explain how he is having arguably the greatest season of all time!

GRP – 69: Craft vs Putin, Wideman’s Hit, NBA All-Star Recap, NBA Trade Deadline


This week Jay and Luke break down Manny Pacquiao’s homophobic rant and laugh about Putin stealing Robert Craft’s Superbowl Ring. Then they analyze the controversial Dennis Wideman hit on an NHL official. Finally the boys also recap NBA All-Star Weekend and discuss the trade deadline.

GRP 67 – Blake Griffin’s Punch, NBA All-Star Snubs and NFL Championship Review


On this episode, Jay and Luke break down the NHL’s situation with John Scott, and Cam’s touchdown celebrations. Then they joke about Blake Griffin punching his equipment manager and breaking his hand. Next they recap the NBA All-Star selections and let you know who got snubbed. Finally, the boys recap NFL Championship Weekend and preview the Superbowl.


GRP – 66: David Blatt, Spurs vs Warriors, NFL Championships & Top 5 worst names in sports


This week, the guys break down the firing of David Blatt, Analyze the upcoming match-up between the Spurs and Warriors, then give you their predictions for NFL Championship weekend. They end the show by bringing back a fan favourite: the top 5 worst names in sports.